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Free List of Non Chexsystems Banks in Maryland.


  Second Chance Checking Account in Maryland


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Who is Chexsystems?

Chexsystems is just like a Credit Reporting Agency.

The only difference here is that the bank reported you to Chexsystems instead of the 3 credit bureaus.

Chexsystems is used by 90% of the banks in the United States. It is basically a bank reporting agency that tells the new bank you are applying to if you are a risk or not. If you are on chexsystems list you are basically black listed from getting a new bank account for the next 5 years!

People who are in chexsystems got there because the either bounced a check, overdrafts, insufficient funds among other    reasons. 


If you are one of those people your bank probably gave you a good 30 days to clear this mess up and you ignored them.

By ignoring your bank's request to put back the money into your account and pay their fees they decided to report you to chexsystems.  That is the only way they can get you to pay up or make you suffer.  When you go to apply for another bank account if that bank runs a chexsystems report on you and 90% do, you will be denied by that bank because of your past banking history.

This sadly, will haunt you for the next 5 years. Your name will be on chexsystems for 5 entire years.

If the banks above cannot help you please bookmark our site and come back or why not simply apply for our bank account now knowing you are already approved.

Second chance bank accounts are hard to find. The bank we are working with will give you that second chance. They will give you an account number and routing number. And they will in the very near future let you upgrade your bank account to a Premier Account which gives you a checkbook.


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